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01-18-1995, 10:42 PM
Dear Biomechanist,

Thanks to all of you who submitted papers for the ISB XVth. More
than 500 two-page abstracts have been received. The deadline for
abstract submission is over.

The authors will receive a notice about the acceptance or rejection
of the papers by March 15 1995. However, the final inclusion of
any paper in the program will depend upon receipt of the full
registration fee from the presenting author by April 15, 1995.

I hope that by now everybody has got a notice whether the paper
has been received by the Congress secretariat. In case you haven't
got any message from our side, please, feel free to contact Ms
Multasuo for more information: multasuo@jyu.fi

Best Regards,

Dr. Kari L. Keskinen, Secretary General of the ISB XVth

Kari L. Keskinen, Ph.D., P.T.
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