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Herman J. Woltring
12-21-1990, 12:33 PM
Extracted from CCNEWS nr. 43:

************************************************** ***********************
New Book, "The Devouring Fungus Tales of the Computer Age"

In Chile, a bank manager tells how his computer, possessed by the devil,
killed two of his employees. In Italy, a father laments that his teenage son
has proposed marriage to his hardware. In America's heartland, a hacker
discovers that his baby daughter has been observing him all too closely
when he finds a slice of American cheese slipped neatly into his disk drive.

This humorous history of the computer age shows us just how pervasive this
new technology has become, both in world culture and in our personal lives.
It is replete with anecdotes of computer cons, viruses, and hapless neophytes
who fold floppy disks to fit in shirt pockets and think that UNIX means
"harem guards" (Norton, ISBN 0-393-30732-8).

"The Devouring Fungus: Tales of the Computer Age" by Karla Jennings is
available for $10.95 in paperback at the Tattered Cover bookstore, 2955
East First Avenue, Denver, CO, USA.