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01-20-1995, 01:41 AM
Dear Colleagues,

I am in the process of developing the foundation for a
undergraduate biomechanics laboratory workbook and I am looking for
20 to 30 biomechanists who would be interested in authoring one
laboratory for the workbook. We all have a "favorite" lab that we
use and I would like to combine these favorites into a
comprehensive workbook that could be used by undergraduate labs
with a wide array of student experiences and lab
facilities/equipment. I think this process will allow us to put
together a quality tool (from a broad spectrum of experiences)
while minimizing the stress and strain of attempting this task

As I write this request, I am cognizant of the concerns of this
group concerning advertising. However, after reading the email
from a few months back, it became apparent that many of us would
embrace a laboratory workbook that we could use as a way to improve
the teaching experience. Therefore, I am requesting those
individuals who are interested in working with me on this project
to contact me via email or snail mail. Any follow-ups to this
initial posting will be sent to the individuals and not as a
general posting. Thank you for your consideration of this project.


John A. Sigg, Ph.D.
Ithaca College
55 Hill Center
Ithaca, NY 14850
ph: (607)274-3152
fax; (607)274-1942