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Ewald M. Hennig
01-23-1995, 07:38 PM
Dear Biomch-l Users,
we are in the process of changing the name of our department of physical
education. Historically, our PE department was a purely pedagogically
oriented institution with little emphasis on the biological sciences. The
program has changed and it was suggested to rename our institution to
department of "kinesiology". Although by its greek origin the word
"kinesiology" refers to the general study of movement, the use of this
expression seems to me having a less general meaning.I have perceived the
use of the expression "kinesiology" as restricted to the structure and
function of the human body, incorporating anatomy, biomechanics, and -
possibly - motor learning. Because our institution offers also education
in sports psychology, history and pedagogy, I wonder if the name
"kinesiology" would be appropriate for our department. I realize that
many institutions in North America have gone through procedures of
renaming. I would appreciate any comments about the expression
"kinesiology", previous experiences with department names, and
definitions. A summary of the responses will be posted,

Ewald M. Hennig

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