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M Belben
01-24-1995, 02:30 AM
Dear all,

I am attempting to model the whole human body for FEA analysis and have
problemsin finding sufficient information on the body in two areas:

1) I need detailed, consistent anthropometric information on every part of the
body,and (preferably) all bones and organs. At present I am aware of work
by Stephen Pheasant (i.e. his book,'Bodyspace'), but could realy do with
more recent,and more detailed anthropometric information.

2) Where anthropometric information is insufficient, I will be forced to
interpolate from a general body arrangement. I have heard of a 9 gigabite
store of information of all body parts taken from thousands of cross-sections
from a body,in America. I'm not sure how I could use such a huge file,
but if anyone can let me know how to get at / more about it I would be

Thank you very much, in advance, for your help - I will send a summary of
all replies.

Love & Kisses


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