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Robert Laprade
01-24-1995, 02:37 AM
Dear sirs,
I am writing to announce the creation of a new permanent Research
Assistant or Associate position in the Biomechanics Laboratory at the
University of Texas Medical Branch. The position is being created for someone
who has a specific interest in performing studies about the anatomy,
kinematics, and bioengineering aspects of sports injuries about the knee and
shoulder. I believe that the position has the potential to be very
professionally rewarding and exciting.

For some background information, I would like to introduce myself and my
partner. My name is Robert F. LaPrade, MD and I am an assistant professor in
sports medicine in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of
Texas Medical Branch. I did my orthopaedic surgery residency at Michigan State
University in Kalamazoo and my sports medicine fellowship at the Hughston
Orthopaedic Clinic in Columbus, Georgia. My specific areas of interest are
knee and shoulder anatomy, the intercondylar notch of the knee, and
posterolateral knee injuries. I have been in my current position for five
months now. My partner's name is Christopher D> Hamilton, MD. He did his
orthopaedic residency at Yale University and his sports medicine fellowship at
the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic in Los Angeles. His specific interesta centers about
the shoulder, elbow, and knee. He has also been here for five months and has a
very busy clinical practice. His research interests are similar to mine. We
have developed an extremely busy clinical practice and have initiated
approximately ten research projects at the present time. In addition, we are
providing team physician coverage for local high schools and a college. We
also participate in medical student lectures, grand rounds presentations, and
CME courses to the community.

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Univ. of Texas Medical Branch
is in the process of expanding. As part of their expansion, they decided to
hire a sports medicine faculty candidate last year. They interviewed both Dr.
Hamilton and myself several times and could not decide between us, so they
hired us both. We feel that this has been very adventageous to both of us as
we both complement each other well and have similar research interests. We
also come from two strong sports medicine fellowships and feel that we have a
lot to offer the orthopedic residency and the local community. As part of our
recruitment, we ahve been designated a recruitment grant of $50,000 as well as
a research assistant or associate to work on our projects in the well staffed
biomechanics lab.

We would appreciate the applications of any possible candidates for this
position. We have an excellent working environment in our department and will
plan to have an active interaction with our research candidate on almost a
daily basis. We have top quality research projects ready to go that could keep
someone busy for three years. We are currently offering two levels for the
same advertised position, depending on the qualifications of the candidate.
Our starting salary is $22,,800 for the research assistant position and 26,400
for the research associate position. The minimum qualifications for any of
these positions is a Masters Deree in a related engineering or biomechanics
field. We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate who will be a

Please, have any interested candidates contact either myself, Dr.
Christopher Hamilton, or Dr. William Buford (Director of the Biomechanics Lab)
at (409) 772-2565 at their earliest convenience. We believe that our position
will be one of the best created in this field this year, and we hope to develop
our sports medicine research program into one of the top ten in the country
within the next five years.
Robert F. LaPrade, M.D.

Robert LaPrade email address - Robert.LaPrade@utmb.edu
University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas