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Herman J. Woltring
12-31-1990, 01:09 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

As of to-morrow, I can be reached at a slightly different address as stated
below. The old address should still be recognized by virtue of the SET
FORWARD switch under VAX/VMS/MAIL; however, NETDATA files sent under BITNET
might not reach me at all or after a considerable delay if sent to the
ELERCAMA @ { urc.tue.nl | heitue5(1).bitnet } address.

Wishing you once again a happy and succesful 1991,

Herman J. Woltring
CAMARC-partner (NL) & list moderator, Biomch-L
Brussellaan 29, NL-5628 TB EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands
Tel. (private) +31.40.480 869, Voice/Fax/Modem +31.40.413 744

CAMARC ("Computer Aided Movement Analysis in a Rehabilitation Context") is a
2-year project (mid 1989 - mid 1991) under the Advanced Informatics in Medicine
action of the Commission of the European Communities (AIM/DG XIII-F), with aca-
demic, public-health, industrial, and independent partners from Italy, France,
U.K. and The Netherlands. Its scope is pre-normative and pre-competitive.