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Patrick J Sparto
01-24-1995, 05:42 AM
Please respond to adress below:

> >The North Carolina Ergonomics Resource Center (NC ERC), a partnership
> >of North Carolina State University and the North Carolina Department of
> >Labor, aims to improve productivity, safety, and well being of the people
> >of North Carolina, in all sectors of business and industry, including
> >government.
> >
> >We are currently seeking qualified professionals to join our staff who
> >offer high quality, ergonomic services to employers and employees
> >throughout the state.
> >
> >Senior Ergonomist (2 Vacancies):
> >Develop, implement, and monitor ergonomics programs and practices at
> >member companies with on-site review, audit, and consultation to maintain
> >voluntary compliance with OSHA and NIOSH guidelines and standards
> >relative to ergonomics. Coordinate ergonomic prescriptions to correct
> >workplace and job deficiencies that may cause or contribute to the
> >development of cumulative trauma disorders in industry and businesses
> >throughout the State of North Carolina.
> >
> >Qualifications: Ph.D. in Ergonomics or related field with minimum of two
> >years experience in occupational ergonomics; or M.S. in Ergonomics or
> >related field and four years of developing, managing and implementing
> >ergonomics programs; or BS in Engineering or related field with ten years
> >experience developing, managing and implementing comprehensive ergonomics
> >program for industry and businesses with multiple facilities or
> >plants/operations. Candidate must posses excellent oral and written
> >communication skills.
> >
> >Ergonomist (5 Vacancies):
> >Provide technical services in ergonomics to employers and employees
> >across the State of North Carolina. Perform ergonomic field studies and
> >assessments of workplaces, equipment, and jobs. Prepare ergonomic
> >prescription status reports and ensure compliance with program
> >benchmarks. Assist with the Center's Rapid Response program by
> >answering employer and employee questions concerning ergonomics in the
> >workplace including causes and prevention of cumulative trauma disorders.
> >Qualifications: BS in Engineering or related field. Prefer two years
> >experience in an industry-based ergonomics program or MS in Engineering
> >or related field with one year experience.
> >
> >Ergonomic Health Specialist (2 Vacancies):
> >Provide occupational health support services pertaining to the Center
> >programs offered to employers and employees throughout North Carolina.
> >Assist with the design and development of, or interpretation of, employer
> >health policies, practices, protocols, procedures, and relevant ergonomic
> >regulations. Participate in the health service aspects of planning and
> >execution of ergonomics programs designed to improve efficiency and reduce
> >absenteeism and injury/illness rates.
> >
> >Qualifications: Graduation from a state accredited college/university
> >offering degrees in allied health, nursing, physical/occupational
> >therapy, or sports medicine with a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in
> >field of study and licensed to practice the specialty by the State of
> >North Carolina. Minimum of two years experience in occupational
> >ergonomics, especially as pertinent to cumulative trauma disorders.
> >Must posses excellent oral and written communication skills.
> >
> >Submit resume and a brief letter describing present and past
> >accomplishments to:
> >
> >North Carolina Ergonomics Resource Center
> >Attn: Search Coordinator
> >Department of Industrial Engineering
> >Box 7906
> >Raleigh, NC 27695-7906
> >
> >Deadline for applications:
> >February 1, 1995, or until positions are filled.
> >
> >North Carolina State University is an equal employment/affirmative
> >action employer.
> >
> >