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Hillery S
01-24-1995, 11:23 PM
Hi subscribers,
Thanks to all those who replied to my request for information
regarding the effect that changing the mass of a prosthesis has on
the biomechanics of the amputee's gait. it seems that there is not
a great deal of information specifically on this topic. Certain
authors were advised as being relevant, though titled references
were not always given:
Tsai and Mansour; Susan Menkveld; Tashman; Van dr Veen; Hale (1990)
Tim Bach and Lanshammer(P&O International, 6, pp97-102; 1982)
Most of the work is in the Journal of Biomechanics; P&O International;
J Prosthetics and Orthotics and the J of Biomedical Engineering.
As yet, this is a little vague, but if I get more information I'll
post responses again.

Again, thanks to everyone for their help,

Siobhan Hillery.