View Full Version : Need Info: Motion Sensors

Michael Coupland
01-26-1995, 05:46 AM
I am looking for motion sensors, and related interface, to time motion
events between two sensors. Some events would be a repetitive number of
cycles between the two sensors, so I need some programming capability, to
capture the total time in the number of cycles programmed into the event.
For example, I need to time a patient as they move their arm from a sensor
to their mid-chest, and back, for a repeated number of cycles.

I am wondering if there are any off-the-shelf instrument packages that would
accomplish this.

The limitations I have on this search are that I trained in Psychology and
have very limited instrumentation knowledge and also I am in Canada, which
has a limited number of resources to call upon to find this type of info.

The only source even close to having the type of equipment I am seeking is
Lafayette Equipment. I wonder if there is Laboratory, Sports Timing, or even
Security electronics systems that might have this type of equipment. Other