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Dan Levine
01-29-1995, 11:56 PM
> I am in interested in getting a set of the Abstracts from the World
> Congress that was held in Amsterdam last year. If anyone knows of any
> spare copies or if there happened to be any extras from the Congress I
> would greatly appreciate if you could forward any info. in this regard
> (ie:how I can get a hold of the organizers).
> Thanks in advance--
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Stephan Riek email: sriek@sfu.ca
> Biomechanics Lab phone: (604) 291-3398
> School of Kinesiology fax: (604) 291-3040
> Simon Fraser University
> Burnaby, Canada

I am interested in this too.

Please post any answers to the entire list. Thanks.

Dan Levine
Zimmer, Inc.