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01-30-1995, 06:00 PM
SICOT 96 Amsterdam
20th World Congress

The Netherlands
August 18-23, 1996

c/o Lidy Groot Congress Events
P.O. Box 83005
1080 AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: 31 20 6793218
Fax: 31 20 6758236

Amsterdam 1996

2 Awards: US $2,000 each

Eligibility: - Author(s) of an original work of research in
orthopaedics or traumatology completed within the
three years prior to SICOT'96
- Age limit: 45 years at the contest deadline

Documents to submit: - Birth certificate
- Curriculum vitae
- 4 copies of the scientific work (text and
illustrations) in English or French

Deadline: 1st February, 1996

Conditions: - The prize-winner agrees to attend the SICOT
meeting in Amsterdam to present a summary of his
work during the Prize-Winners' session.
- The prize-winner agrees to submit his scientific
paper for publication to the Editorial Board of
International Orthopaedics before mid-July 1996.
- Applicants for this award may not submit the same
work for the Maurice E. Muller SICOT Award.

Documents should be forwarded by the deadline to:

The Secretary General
40 rue Washington
B-1050 Brussels, Belgium