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01-30-1995, 06:04 PM
Amsterdam 1996

Sponsored by the Riccardo Galeazzi Foundation in memory of Prof. R.
Galeazzi for further studies and research in orthopaedics and
traumatology, two scholarships are awarded every three years on the
occasion of the SICOT Congress

Award: - Italian Lira 1.800.000
- Six months at the Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute in
Milan with full board at the hospital, or the same
period or part of it at another Italian orthopaedic
institute (by arrangement with the President of the
Galeazzi Foundation).

Eligibility: - Graduates in medicine of any nationality who
intend to devote their activity to study and
research in orthopaedics and traumatology.
- Age limit: 32 at the contest deadline

Documents to submit: - Birth certificate
- Graduate diploma
- Curriculum vitae
- Details of present position held
- Letter of application countersigned by a
local member of SICOT or, if not possible,
by any other member of SICOT.

Deadline: 1st April, 1996

The application and documents should be forwarded by the deadline

Foundation Secretary's Office
Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi
via R. Galeazzi 4
I-20161 Milan, Italy