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M Belben
01-31-1995, 12:22 AM
Dear everyone,

Thanks for your replies and interest in my letter. Mail was recieved
from Benjamin Fregly, Peter Loubert, Mike Leinberger, Tim Barker, Micah
Forstein, Clare Johnson, Bill Taylor, Yael Yona, Young Hui, David
Hawkins, Tony Lawson and Johan Molenbroek. The letter and summary of
responses is shown below:

>I am attempting to model the whole human body for FEA analysis and have
>problems in finding sufficient information on the body in two areas:
>1) I need detailed, consistent anthropometric information on every part
>of the body,and (preferably) all bones and organs. At present I am
>aware of work by Stephen Pheasant (i.e. his book,'Bodyspace'), but could
>realy do with more recent,and more detailed anthropometric information.
>2) Where anthropometric information is insufficient, I will be forced
>to interpolate from a general body arrangement. I have heard of a 9
>gigabite store of information of all body parts taken from thousands of
cross-sections from a body,in America. I'm not sure how I could use such
>a huge file,but if anyone can let me know how to get at / more about it
>I would be grateful.

Dear Marcus Belben:

Our company sells the Inertiator[TM] system that measures the
anthropometric properties of body segments, based on two the frontal and
lateral images of the body segment. The system assumes a uniform density
of the body segment. If this is of
interest to you, please send us your complete mailing address, and
we will gladly mail you an information package.


Yael Yona

Dear Marcus,
I work for 17 year in anthropometry and archive data and/or references
but from your 9 gigabyte datastore I never heard.
But it is not so difficult to get so much data from one body if
you measure it with laserscan like Jones does in Loughborough; it
is rather more difficult to get the variation from the global
populations for the most relevant variables of your problem.
I can mention now some databases, which you probably know:
Ergodata (Paris, online, individual + agregated data with a terrible
Ergobase (pc-dos incl many datafrom the NASA Antropometric Source Book
company is called Biomechanics Corporation of America, New
Peoplesize (from the company Friendly Systems and is very easy to use;
as far I know the most recent anthropmetric data base).
None of them has info about inside the body I think.

Johan F.M.Molenbroek
Marcus -

There is a company in Orem, Utah, USA called Viewpoint Datalabs that
sells surface data for the entire human body, as well as for individual
body regions. Their data includes skeletal, skin contours, and most major
organs also. The data is available in a wide variety of formats; some
examples are Autocad, IGES,ADAMS, Intelligent Light, and many others.
You can call them and request a
catalog at 1-800-DATASET or 800-328-2738......

Mike Kleinberger
You might like to check out the following World Wide Web site, which was
recently mentioned on the newsgroup comp.graphics.visualization. The siteis :


The following info may be of interest to you.


Tim Barker

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
'Visible Man' on Internet Allows Science New Views of Human Body Nov. 28
================================================== ==========================

Chicago, Ill. -- Little more than a year ago, a killer was executed in
Texas. Today, his body has become a teaching tool for the world and made
available on the Internet as the first three-dimensional, computerized
cadaver, said Brenda Coleman, a medical writer for Associated Press.

This is the latest traveler on the Internet, stated the National Library
of Medicine. In order to access the entire body -- something mostly medical
schools and researchers are likely to do -- will require two weeks of
uninterrupted Internet time, 15 gigabytes of computer storage space and
permission from the library.

Dubbed the 'Visible Man', the project was placed on the Internet today
during the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America and
is a detailed atlas of the human body.

"This is the first time such detailed digital information about an entire
human body has been compiled," commented Donald Lindberg, director of the

To receive the weekly HPCwire at no charge, send e-mail without text to


In answer to your questions, The from the Human Visual Project is available
in a number of different sources and in a number of different formats. The
Human Visual Project is available from the National Library of Medicine,
and consists of MRI and CT scans, and High Resolution Photographs. All the
data does not need to be used to generate the information you require.
Good Luck.

Micah Forstein


I don't know if anyone else caught this but the Sunday New York
Times Magazine (26 June, 1994) had a short article which might be of

******* I have no further information **************


The National Library of Medicine is putting two bodies on line.
"It is creating the first ever highly detailed, digital atlas of a
pair of human bodies (nicknamed Adam and Eve), based on the corpses
of a 38-year old man and a 59 year old woman, both of whom died in
reasonably good physical condition."

They use CT and MRI to take 3D pix then freeze and thin section the
bodies. Digitized photos are then taken of each slice. There are
1700 slices for the man (20+ GB). They are just starting the woman.

It will be made available on the net through a licensing agrement:
For details write Project director Michael Ackerman

The Times goes on to say:
"[ackerman], thinks entrepreneurs may convert the data into a
surgical simulator. Others are considering making educational video
games that would let you cruise the arteries in search of plaque and
other deamons. Call it Conan the Cardiologist."

Young Hui
There was an article about the "digital Adam" as they call him in
Fortune Magazine (November 1, 1993). Vicotor Spitzer and David Whitlock at
the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver Colorada, USA
are the researchers in charge of "Visual Human Project". This project is
designed to digitize the entire human body and make the information
available on CD. I do not know the current status of the project. You
might try calling the University of Colorado to get more information.
Best of luck
David Hawkins
In response to a message that you posted recently on the Biomech-l
listserver, I am forwarding the following message with information on the
"Visible Human Data Set". This message was originally sent to me as I
explored the subject myself. Hope it helps.

.....The License Agreement for use of the male Visible Human Project

>data set is now available. It can be retrieved from NLM's gopher
>site, "gopher.nlm.nih.gov". The agreement will be found in the
>section entitled Visible Human Project as a text file and as a
>downloadable WordPerfect file. It is also available from NLM's
>FTP site, "nlmpubs.nlm.nih.gov". The agreement will be found in
>section "visible" as a WordPerfect file, "vhpagree.wp", or as a
>text file, "vhpagree.txt". Please make two copies of the
>agreement and have both copies signed as originals by your
>appropriate officials. The agreement requires that you include a
>statement explaining your intended use of the data set. Send
>both signed copies of the agreement and the statement of how you
>intend to use the data set to me at:
> Dr. Michael J. Ackerman
> Visible Human Project
> National Library of Medicine
> 8600 Rockville Pike
> Bethesda, MD 20894

.......Sample images are also available at this time via the NLMPubs FTP

>site and NLM Gopher. Six full color anatomical images and an
>explanatory README file can be found on NLMPubs in
>"visible/bitmaps/color24" as "*.raw". Please be careful as each of
>these images is over 6 megabytes in size. Ten CT scan images and
>an explanatory README file can be found in "visible/bitmaps/ct" as
>"*.fre" (5 images captured while the cadaver was fresh) and "*.fro"
>(5 images captured after the cadaver was frozen). Six MRI scan
>images and an explanatory README file can be found in
>"visible/bitmaps/mri" as "*.t1". Scaled down versions of all of
>these image files can be found in "visible/gifs" as "*.gif". On
>the NLM Gopher the images can be found in the Visible Human Project
>section..... Michael J.Ackerman

Peter Loubert
Once again, thanks a lot

Love & Kisses


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