View Full Version : optimal stem length of total hip arthroplasty

M S Kuster
02-03-1995, 05:41 AM
Dear Netters
during a ward round at our hospital the discussion started about the
optimal stem length of a total hip prosthesis. Is there an optimal
stem length? The discussion started because due to anatomical
problems of the femur it was only possible to insert a small curved
stem of a Weber cemented prosthesis which is about 12 cm long. The
opinions in our hospital varied from the longer the better to about
12 cm as an optimal length. Is there literature available about
this matter and are there long term results of different stem length?
What is the opinion of the leading biomechanists? Doing a lit search
I was not able to find any reliable information.
As usual the summary will be posted.

Markus Kuster MD
CH - 9007 St. Gallen
e-mail : G0Kuster@SGCL1.UNISG.CH