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Watson W
02-03-1995, 08:34 AM
>Nov 18,94;
>Dear Sir/ Madam;
> Thank you for your response to my request for information on limb
>position measurement. I have questions with regard to BioTRACK. Could
>you explain exactly what information this program requires? Are the
>markers passive or active? What apparatus is required at what cost? I
>would greatly appreciate all the information you can send me on this
>particular program. Thank you. Yours truly, Warren Watson.
Dear Dr. Watson:

The BioTRACK program is a general purpose kinematic analysis software
package that calculates the true six degrees of freedom of a moving
link (e.g. the shank, the forearm, etc.). It was developed at MIT
and successfully applied to both active (e.g. Watsmart, Selspot,
Optotrak) and passive (e.g. Elite) marker systems. It requires
the attachment of multiple (a minimum of three non-colinear)
markers to the link of interest, and the 3D coordinates of the markers,
as recorded by the camera-based system in the lab. It then takes over
the processing, and provides the user with the complete kinematic

We would be pleased to provide you with additional information, if
you provide us with your complete mailing address.


Zvi Ladin, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist
OsteoKinetics Corporation
82 Stuart Road
Newton, MA 02159-1261
Ph. (617) 332-5954