View Full Version : Seeking ACL prosthesis paper

David Cockburn
02-05-1995, 04:47 AM
I'm trying to locate a particular paper on anterior cruciate ligament
prostheses - I remember skimming it when it was published but never got
around to taking details, and now can't recall authors, title or even
journal. I now need it urgently. Great...!!

I think it appeared early '94: it was a review of the performance of many
different prostheses over the past few years, and I think concluded that
most if not all performed very poorly. I thought it was in J Bone Joint
Surg but can't find it; a keyword literature search has also failed to
turn it up. Does it happen to ring any bells with anyone? Even a pointer
to an author or journal would be a great help.

Thanks a lot,

David Cockburn