View Full Version : Biomechanics of the Spine and Pregnancy

Lori Livingston F
02-06-1995, 06:09 AM
Dear Netters,

I am passing this request on for a colleague who is not part of the net.
She is interested in gathering material on the topic of the effects of
pregnancy on the spinal column (from a biomechanical point of view). If
you have any journal articles or materials to recommend, please let me
know. I will post a compiled list of the responses.

In addition, one specific reference that she is trying to locate was
listed as a reference in another paper as follows:

Ostgaard, H.C., Andersson, G.B.J., & Karlsson, K. Prevlance of back
pain in pregnancy. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery [Br].
(Submitted, 1989).

Any help with locating information related to the above would be a great


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