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Rolf Moe-nilssen
02-06-1995, 01:21 PM
Hallo all Biomech-netters,

On February 1 1995, I had this message distributed:

"I am doing a project where I want to discuss analysis of human walking on
uneven surfaces and would like to get in touch with individuals and laboratories
who are dealing with related research problems. I shall be glad to make a public
summary of the replies to Biomch-L, so please tell if you want to be excluded
from such a summary. Best regards Rolf Moe-Nilssen."

I promptly got these very useful replies which are edited below:


Dear Rolf,

I was very interested to see your request and would like to know more
about what kind of work you are doing in relation to uneven terrains.
This has been a major area of interest for me for the last few years, in
particular with respect to obstructed walking and adapting to new floor
levels. I have provided a list below of my publications in this area. As
you will also see in the reference lists of these works you should seek
publications by Aftab Patla of U. of Waterloo and, if you are interested
in questions of the neural control underlying locomotor adjustments, the
work of Trevor Drew at U. de Montreal on the cat. You will also find others,
although this is still an area which, in my opinion is in need of work.

I hope this helps. I plan to attend ISB next summer in
Finland, if you are there, perhaps we could talk further.

McFadyen, B.J. (1994). A computer model of the control of unilateral
anticipatory locomotor adjustments for obstructed gait. Biological
Cybernectics, 72, pp. 151-160.

McFadyen, B.J., Magnan, G.A. & Boucher, J.P. (1993). The anticipatory
locomotor adjustments for avoiding visible fixed obstacles of varying
proximity. Human Movement Science, 12, pp. 259-272.

McFadyen, B.J. and Winter, D.A. (1991) Anticipatory locomotor adjustments
during obstructed human walking. Neuroscience Research Communications, 9,
pp. 37-44.

McFadyen, B.J. & Winter, D.A. (1988) An integrated analysis of normal
stair gait. Journal of Biomechanics, 21, pp. 733-744.

McFadyen, B.J. & Carnahan, H. The superimposed adjustments for obstacle
clearance and level-to-stair transition during normal human gait.
Proceedings of the XIVth conference of the International Society of
Biomechanics, July, 1993, Paris. pp. 844-845.

Best regards,


Bradford J. McFadyen, Ph.D. u
Departement de kinanthropologie q
Universite du Quebec a Montreal a
CP 8888, Succ. Centre-ville m
Montreal, Quebec, Canada *
H3C 3P8 u
Tel: (514)987-4454 q
Fax: (514)987-6616 a
E-mail: r10510@er.uqam.ca m



Ambarish Goswami posted something to the list
on this recently - you might like to contact him.


__________________________________________________ __________________
Dr. Chris Kirtley MB ChB, PhD c.kirtley@info.curtin.edu.au
Lecturer, Bio-engineering --_ / \
/ \
School of Physiotherapy, Perth #_.---._/
Curtin University of Technology, V
GPO Box U1987,
Perth 6001, Tel +61 9 351 3649
Western Australia.



I am interested in the summary of any discussion that you are able to
generate, though I don't think I have a lot to contribute. One suggestion
however, is that you also post this on the Physiotherapy listserve. There
may be interested subscribers there as well. If you need information on the
Physio listserver let me know. I'll be glad to forward it to you.


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* Peter V. Loubert PhD, PT, ATC *
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>From Adrian Kauf (Part of this message was for unknown reasons reduced to
illegibe squares, but the important advice came through - if not, give me a hint

Hi Rolf, maybe you should contact Mrs. Jie Gao i Cologne/Germany
(jiegao@rz.dshs.uni-koeln.de) She did her PhD-theses about jumping and walking
on uneven ground.

Adrian Kauf
Institute B of mechanics, University of Stuttgart
Pfaffenwaldring 9, 70550 Stuttgart, Germany


Thanks again to all kindred spirits out there. I shall of course follow Pete
Loubert's advice and try the Physio listserver which he generously helped me to


Rolf Moe-Nilssen, MS, PT
Lecturer, Dept. of physiotherapy research
University of Bergen
Mollendalsveien 6, N-5009 Bergen, Norway
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