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Stephane Bouilland
02-06-1995, 10:57 PM
Dear netters,

Great thanks to people who answered us about surfacique model of the head.
We are working on a system designed for "locked in" syndrom peoples. Those peoples
can only move their eyes. With E.O.G we are able to record their eye movements and
then to allow them to make move a mouse on a computer screen. They can select icons or
letters and then are able to comunicate or to drive their bed, tv...
Our problem is to design a sort of pair of glasses to applicate electrodes on the skin
arround the eye. That's why we need data for head anthropomethry.
My original message and the responses I got follow.

S. Bouilland
Universite de Valenciennes

Dear suscribers,

In order to design a sort of pair of glasses to record eyes movements of "locked
in syndrom" people we need a surfacic model of head and specially of face, for a
standard man and for a standard woman. We are looking for data permitting to
build this model or for existing model readable with the software CATIA. We
would be grateful to those of you who would provide us with such a model or who
would give us sugestions about where to find such data.
Few peoples asked me to give more details about what is a surfacic model of
head. What we are looking for are anthropometric data of face permitting to
build a CAD model. We need a data base of points describing the surface of head
of a man, woman and children. If it's possible we would prefer to get existing
model readable with standard CAD software such CATIA,EUCLID,AUTOCAD....
We would be very grateful to anybody able to indicate us where to find those
data or models.

Thank you very much,



Dear Stephane Bouilland,

I think I have what you are looking for. I am working with a 3-D head
scanner providing a data base of head models which I am using for
psychophysical face recognition experiments and for modeling
purposes. You find a very brief description in WWW calling
http://mpik-tueb.mpg.de:4711 and then my personal page.

I would like to know what you are working on.

Dr. Nikolaus Troje
MPI fuer biologische Kybernetik
Spemannstr. 38
D-72076 Tuebingen, Germany
FON: +49-7071/601-621
FAX: +49-7071/601-575

From: SMTP%"bermond@URANUS.inrets.fr" 25-JAN-1995 11:09:32.05
To: bouilland
Subj: Response to looking for surfacic model of head (bis)

Dear Suscribers,

I can give you an address
Viewpoint DataLabs
870 West Center Street
Orem, Utah 84057

or call 1800 DATASET (328 27 38)
or call 801 224 2222
or fax 801 224 2272

They propose surfacic mesh of a lot of things and also of the head, I suppose it works with Autocad, and the price is correct.

REmarks INRETS propose a paper at the last ESV Conference at Munich 1994 about a first study for the human face, if you any more information don't hesitate to contact me.

Francois Bermond INRETS-LBSU
From: SMTP%"ortcsr@oise.on.ca" 25-JAN-1995 14:11:31.54
To: bouilland
Subj: Anthropometric profiles of the face

Dear Stephane,

A few years ago, I was involved in the development of a protective helmet
for children with seizure disorders. A 1981 reference I found useful was
"Anthropometry of the head and face in medicine" by L.G.Farkas (a
Canadian doctor working at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto,
Canada). It provide detailed scalar facial measurements of children. We
also found the ISO standard (1983) "Headforms for use in the testing of
protective helmets - ISO 620.1" to give use useful data regarding
profiles of the cranial area for different head circumferences.
Perhaps this information will get you started? At the time, our CAD
modelling capability was limited.
I hope this helps you out.
Steve Ryan, P.Eng.
The Hugh MacMillan Rehabilitation Centre
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
E-Mail: ortcsr@oise.on.ca
From: SMTP%"BillH4740@aol.com" 25-JAN-1995 17:26:15.11
To: bouilland
Subj: Re: looking for surfacic mode...

Contact Viewpoint in Salt Lake City Utah. Phone 801-224-2222, FAX
801-224-2272. They have a very detailed (30,000x30,000 polygon) rendition
of a human head in male and female.

Good Luck,

Bill Hand
From: SMTP%"Matt@biosci.umtri.umich.edu" 26-JAN-1995 21:12:50.87
To: bouilland
Subj: Head/Face Data

The following anthro study of U.S. military personnel, which
has a large male and female sample size, contains measures
that may be of use to you in describing the geometry of the
head and face.

Gordon, C. C., Churchill, T., Clauser, C. E., Bradtmiller, B.,
McConville, J. T., Tebbetts, I., and Walker, R. A. (1989).
1988 anthropometric survey of U.S. Army personnel: Methods and
summary statistics. Final report (NATICK/TR-89/027). Natick,
MA: U.S. Army Natick Research, Development and Engineering

Matt Reed
Senior Research Associate
University of Michigan
Transportation Research Institute
From: SMTP%"TimothyBarker" 27-JAN-1995 08:44:28.85
To: bouilland
Subj: Web site for 3D reconstruction found

G'day all,

>From time to time people request information on existing medical image
datasets which lurk on the Internet.

You might like to check out the following World Wide Web site, which was
recently mentioned on the newsgroup comp.graphics.visualization. The site is :


Happy reading & viewing !


Tim Barker
You should talk to a craneofacial surgeon. There is supposed to be a big book
with "normal" data on faces and heads with all sorts of measurements.
If you are desperate, you should do a SCI search on Court Cutting from NYU.
I saw a talk by him last year where he mentioned this data. I believe he
is a Craneofacial surgeon.
N. Glossop, Ph.D.,
Toronto, Canada

From: SMTP%"pklein@resulb.ulb.ac.be" 30-JAN-1995 08:02:32.86
To: bouilland
Subj: Re: looking for surfacic model of head (bis)

Dear Mr. Bouilland

your mesage:
.. We need a data base of points describing the surface of head

You should try to contact a Society called: Surface topography and body
deformity". Each two years there is a symposium dealing with the subject.
I participated in 1988 at a meeting in Vienna. A book has been published
under the same name, edited by Neugebauer and Windischbauer, Gustav Fischer
Verlag, Stuttgart, New York, 1990 - ISBN 3-437-11242-2.

pp 211-221:
Covray G. Pflug L., Rheims D., Haenni H., Gottraux P.
Face topography analysis
Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne

pp 217-221:
Coombes A.M.,Linney A.D., Grindrot S.R., Mosse C.A., Moss J.-P.
3-D measurement of the face for the simulation of facial surgery.
Dept. of Medical Physics and Orthodontics
University College of London 11-20, Capper Street
London WC1E6JA

Good Luck
* Klein Paul Ph.D. *
* Free University of Brussels *
* CP 168, Avenue P. Heger, 28 *
* 1050 Brussels, Belgium *
* *
* Phone 32-2-6502470 Fax: 32-2-6502473 *
* pklein@resulb.ulb.ac.be *
From: SMTP%"osteoknt@osteokinetics.com" 30-JAN-1995 08:44:25.52
To: bouilland
Subj: Re: looking for surfacic model of head (bis)

Dear Stephane BOUILLAND:

Our company sells the Inertiator[TM] system that measures the
anthropometric properties of body segments, based on the frontal and
lateral images of the body segment. The system assumes a uniform density
of the body segment. If this is of
interest to you, please send us your complete mailing address, and
we will gladly mail you an information package.


Yael Yona
OsteoKinetics Corporation
82 Stuart Road
Newton, MA 02159
Ph: (617) 332-5954
FAX: (617) 965-0383
e-mail: osteoknt@osteokinetics.com

From: SMTP%"IVMEMOL@HDETUD2.TUDELFT.NL" 30-JAN-1995 14:24:44.01
To: bouilland
Subj: Re: looking for surfacic model of head (bis)

Dear Stefane,
I have two names for you.
1. Prof George Vosselman has shown is his oration at our university
a picture of a surface model of the head, made by photogrammetry
His email is: vosselman@geo.tudelft.nl.
2. Prof Coblenz of the Universite Rene Descartes Paris has with his
staff a.o. Mollard have published about 3D-surface of the head
and the whole body. See for example in the Proceedings of the
Biostereometrics'85 editd by A.M. Coblentz, Robin E. Heron
and publisehd by the SPIE The international society for optic
engineering PO Box 10 Bellingham Washington 98227 -0010 USA
phone 206/676-3290 telex 46-7053
I have corresponded with Mr Mollard at the address:
Anthropologie Appliquee, 45 rue des Saints Peres 75270 Paris Cedex
phone (33) 142862036 fax (33) 142615380
with kind regards