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Marco Viceconti
02-07-1995, 06:48 PM
I've recently posted the following question:

>we are developing some new methods to generate accurate CT-scan reconstruction
>starting from a small number of slices. The major problem we are facing is
>the following:
>as a test of our algorithms, we have a cadaver specimen scanned at every mm.
>We sub-sample this data set using our method and we generate another 3D data
>set by interpolation.
>Question: How can we compare to three-D data set possibly obtaining a
>synthetic parameter of the overall error?
>I understand that this question could be equally placed in some news group;
>unfortunately, I've not news access >right now. So, if somebody would like to
>forward the question to other groups I'd be glad.

Some colleagues gave me answers but many others asked for clarification.
Let's try again:

The two data sets are taken from the same object in the same position with
the same Scanner;
both are formed by the same number of slices (let's say 1 mm steps)
obtained by interpolation of the real data set;
the only difference is the original data set, which can contain more or
less slices, positioned at different levels.

Hope this will sound more clear. Sorry


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