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Herman J. Woltring
12-08-1988, 07:09 AM
Forwarded from MEDINF-L@DEARN (Medical Informatics)

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a topic of interest in Biomechanics
and Kinesiology; cf, f.e., the GAITSPERT expert system for Gait Analysis
developed by Bourne's group at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, as
published in the IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering about two
years ago. The A.I. and Vision lists on the ARPA/Internet, for example,
contain a lot of robotics-related modelling information.

Herman J. Woltring

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Date: Tue, 6 Dec 88 12:08:31 SET
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Dear colleagues,

Please find enclosed the "Call for Papers" of AIME 89. I think this will
be a good opportunity for exchanging experience and demonstrating new

with best wishes -- Rolf Engelbrecht
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Second European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

City University, London

29th - 31st August 1989



In 1986 the European Society for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
(AIME) was established to foster fundamental and applied research in
Artificial Intelligence for medical care and medical research. AIME
also assists industry in identifying high quality applications which
exploit these techniques.

A major feature of AIME activity is a series of international
conferences held every two years. The next conference, AIME 89, is to
be held in London from 29th - 31st August 1989.


AIME 89 is being organised by the British Medical Informatics Society
which promotes advanced informatics in medicine.

The Conference incorporates the Sixth National Conference on Expert
Systems in Medicine, which is usually held at the Royal Free Hospital.

Organising Committee

John Cookson (Chairman) - The London Hospital Medical College
Ewart Carson - City University
Mark Leaning - University College London
Jayne Morgan - Royal Naval Hospital, Haslar
Jeremy Wyatt - Charing Cross & Westminster Medical School

Programme Committee

J. Hunter (Aberdeen) Chairman
J. van Bemmel (Rotterdam)
I. Bratko (Ljubliana)
S. Cerri (Milan)
R. Engelbrecht (Munich)
J. Fox (London)
M. Fieschi (Marseilles)
T. Groth (Uppsala)
A. Hasman (Maastricht)
W. Horn (Vienna)
J-L. Renaud-Salis (Bordeaux)
D. Spiegelhalter (Cambridge)
M. Stefanelli (Pavia)
T. Wetter (Heidelberg)

Conference Secretariat

Bell Howe Conferences
Gothic House
Barker Gate
England NG1 1JU
Tel: in UK 0602 410679; overseas 44 602 410679

Aims and Scope of the Conference

The scope of AIME 89 ranges from theoretical research to practical
applications of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

Main themes will include:

- knowledge representation
- knowledge elicitation
- clinical applications
- knowledge engineering tools
- methodology

The scientific programme will also include lectures by invited speakers
and a structured poster session.

Delegates will be drawn from medicine, computer science and a wide range
of related disciplines.

Call for Papers

Papers are invited on any aspect of the theory, design or application of
medical AI systems. Submissions will be refereed by an international panel
on the basis of draft, full length papers which must be in English, length
up to 5.000 words. Three copies are required. The author's name(s) and
affiliations should appear only on the first page which will be removed
before the paper is sent for refereeing. All papers accepted will appear
in the Conference proceedings.


15th January 1989 - Final date for receipt of draft papers
15th March, 1988 - Notification of acceptance of papers
1st May 1898 - Final date for receipt of camera ready copy

Intending contributors should send two copies of their paper (5000 words max.)
to the Conference Secretariat by January 15th 1989. Please notice that the
deadline has been extended and further entension is not possible.