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02-09-1995, 02:49 PM
fellow netters,

briefly, i am trying to set up a system for collecting time lapse
photography images with a computer and then recording them back onto a
video tape. more details follow.


currently, we have access to a Galileo video card to capture the images.
i would like to know how this card rates compared to any others available
as far as price, user friendliness, etc. does it come with its own
software so that the user can specify his own time function to determine
when to take images? can it accept an external trigger or input from any
other types of programming languages? is it capable of extracting images
from the hard drive and outputting them at a fast enough rate to record
on video?


currently, the software Adobe Photoshop is being used to adjust the
images and trim them down to a 512X512 pixel image size. it is also
being used to center the pictures. is there any other kind of software
which has the capabilities of Adobe (maybe even some shareware)? does
anyone know of software which would be able to take various images and
center them based on a marker located in the image? i can easily think
of how such a program might work, but i really don't know if i could
write it.

any input will be greatly appreciated. i will post a list of results.

thanx lotz

matt rupert
noyes-giannestras biomechanics labs
university of cincinnati
cincinnati, ohio