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02-10-1995, 04:52 AM
Dear colleagues,
I am in the process co-writing a proposal for developing our capabilities for
digital video. It would be enormously helpful to me in developing this
proposal to get some advice from anyone that currently uses digital video.

What are some biomechanical research or teaching applications for which you
use (or might use) the system? Or even non-biomechanical applications that
might be useful to include as part of our justification.

What are the typical costs of system components? Who are some possible

Thanks for any help/ideas you might offer.

Nancy R. Deuel, PhD nd26@umail.umd.edu
* University of Maryland Equine Sports Biomechanics Laboratory *
* 1113 Animal Sciences Center Animal Sciences Department *
* University of Maryland Phone: 301/405-1385 *
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