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Herman J. Woltring
01-23-1991, 11:54 AM
Dear Colleagues,

Following various requests on further details about the AIM "main phase",
here are some particulars (Europeans only); please note that these data are

Budget: 97 Mecu
Duration: 3 - 4 years
Distribution Draft Workplan: First week of February 1991
Expected final decision by Council of Ministers: End of March 1991
Call for Proposals: 2 April 1991
Proposal Day (Broschette/Brussels): 17 April 1991
Submission Deadline: End of June 1991
Evaluation Deadline: End of July 1991
Contract negotiations: September - October 1991
Contract Initiation: October - December 1991 (depends on negotiation progress)

Entities interested in prospecting collaborative activities should send their
profile to the AIM team, DG XIII-F6, Rue de Tr`eves 61, B-1040 BRUSSELS, Bel-
gium, fax +32.2.236 0181. A form is available upon request (can be obtained
by facsimile). Profiles will be distributed by the CEC, and prospective
contract partners may meet in Brussels at 17 April; furthermore, the AIM team
is quite willing to assist in finding partners (minimum requirements are at
least three European Community and/or EFTA countries, and academic/public-
health/industrial partners per consortium). If they pay their own expenses,
there seem to be some possibilities for extra-European entities to join.

Technologies and Services for the Handicapped and Elderly is a politically
heavy topic, so the above information might be useful for a part of the
Biomch-L readership.

Regards -- Herman J. Woltring ,
Eindhoven/NL (tel/fax/modem: +31.40.413744)