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01-23-1991, 06:31 PM
International conference on experimental mechanics:


@ University of Limerick, Ireland. 4th - 5th September 1992

This British Society for Strain Measurement (BSSM) conference is being
organised by the society's bioengineering measurements group.

The meeting is co-sponsored by the American Society of Experimental
Mechanics (SEM).

The objectives are to promote measurement technology transfer between
aero/mech eng and biomechanics. For example, ingenious telemetry systems
developed in biomechanics for in vivo force measurement in a hostile
environment may be highly relevant to mechanical engineering problems
of a similar nature. Furthermore, techniques in force measurement
developed by the standards labs. are applicable to both disciplines.

Conference themes are planned in

* Force measurement and telemetry
* Combined finite element and experimental analysis
* Optical measurements
* Thermoelastic techniques
* Model testing (photoelastic coatings etc.)
* Strain measurement on plastics, composites and
soft tissue
* Residual stress

Sessions will be jointly chaired by aero/mech engs and bioengs.

Keynote speakers have been invited from high tech disciplines throughout
Europe and America.

Time schedule:

* 300 word abstracts required by 15th Dec. 1991
* Preliminary acceptance: 15th Jan. 1992
* Submit final paper: 15th March 1992
* Final acceptance: 15th April 1992

For full details contact: The Conference Secretariat (BSSM'92) at
FAX Int+353-61-330316