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Marcus Besser/physical Therapy
02-13-1995, 10:53 PM
Fellow BIOMCH-Lers:

I have a group of students working on a research project
involving backward walking. They are trying to find copies of
the following abstracts from conference proceedings and papers:

Apor P; Dubecz J; Hortobagyi T: Running backwards uphill: its
biomechanics and clinical application. Proceedings of the Fifth
Meeting of the European Society of Biomechanics, Berlin, 1986

Bates BT; McCaw ST: A comparison between forward and backward
walking. Proceedings of the North American Congress on
Biomechanics: Human Locomotion IV, Montreal, 1986, vol. 2, pg

Bates BT; Morrison E; Hamill J: A comparison between forward and
backward walking, 1984 Olympic Scientific Congress Proceedings:
Biomechanics, Eugene, Oregon, 1986 pp. 127-135.

Armstrong CW; Commanger JM; Woolley S: A comparative analysis of
forward and backward walking. The Sixth Annual East Coast Gait
Conference, Michigan State University, East Lansing MI, 1990, pg


Wall JC; Charteris J: The kinematics of uphill and downhill
walking (abstract). North American Congress on Biomechanics,
Montreal, Quebec, 1986.

If you have *ANY* or *ALL* of the above mentioned papers, and
could mail or fax copies to me, please respond to me:

My students and I thank you in advance.

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