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Kristen Billiar
02-14-1995, 06:35 AM
iBuenos dias!

I would appreciate information concerning biomechanics/mechanical
engineering in South/Central America or Spain.

I am a masters level bioengineer in a doctoral program looking to
broaden my horizons. After 12 years of public school, 4 years at Cornell
University, and 4 years in grad school, (all in a row), I'm taking next
year off to teach or do research in Latin America or Spain to experience
another aspect of engineering and/or biomed and become fluent in Spanish.

I'm searching for a 9 month or 1 year position to provide experience and to
offset the costs of room, board and travel.

Please email info or ideas,


Kristen Billiar

kbilliar@eniac.seas.upenn.edu \
University of Pennsylvania /
Philadelphia PA, USA /