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Herman J. Woltring
01-26-1991, 07:30 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Usually, email accounts are changed, started, or terminated by the end of a
month, especially at the end of a quarter or year. The large amount of error
messages obtained by the moderators of Biomch-L at the beginning of January
caused by failed postings to no longer existing or otherwise inaccessible
addresses motivates the following requests:

If your account is about to be terminated, PLEASE sign off from all lists
that you have subscribed to, lest the local management staff has to send
a SIGNOFF (GLOBAL to all LISTSERVers world-wide and/or list moderators have
to find out via private notes to local postmasters that you are no longer
around. While this certainly works (contact person addresses are usually
Postmaster@site_id on the Internet, and can be retrieved for bitnet sites
via the command GET NODENTRY site_id to the nearest NETSERVer, e.g.,
NETSERV@HEARN.BITNET), it is an unnecessary load on list moderators and
site contact persons.

If you move to another place, and if you get a new user_id and/or site_id,
you might check with your old site's management staff whether there is a
SET FORWARD facility on the local mailer which could be used until mail to
the old address peters out (this, for example, is the case with my old

If you are to be absent for a prolonged period (vacation, conference) and
if your disk quota are limited, you may run the risk of receiving so much
mail that your disk quota are reached. In many mailers, this will result
in bounced postings that might even cause the moderator's disk quota to
overflow ... In that case, PLEASE sign off or, preferably, issue the
scribers, to LISTSERV@NIC.SURFNET.NL) before you leave. After return,
just resubscribe or issue SET BIOMCH-L MAIL. (NB: if you merely wish
to change your personal name, just reissue a SUBSCRIBE command with the
new name; this will result in the appropriate modification for the
implied user_id@site_id).

Missed postings can be obtained from the LISTERVers' archives, by sending
the request GET list_name LOGyymm to the LISTSERVer, where yy is 89 ... 91,
and mm = 01 ... 12 (earliest archive for our list: BIOMCH-L LOG8906); there
are similar commands if archives are generated annually or weekly.

With kind regards,

Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL.