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Philip Schot
02-23-1995, 05:44 AM
Dear netters,

I would like to obtain a software package (reasonably priced, of course)
to support the drawing of stick-figure sequences (or 3-d models) and output
on a laser printer. I have written software to do this in a plotter,
however, it's slow and there are several bugs left to solve. In terms of
cost efficiency, I'm sure an informed purchase is far better.

What I think I want is a package that will take coordinates, allow for
segment drawing definitions, and maybe allow for "space" inserted between
frames, etc. I typically use Harvard
Graphics for line/bar charts, but haven't found a way to get it to do what
I want.

Any comments/recommendations are welcome, and a summary will be posted.

p.s. downloading an ascii file to the program should be supported, that
objective wasn't clear as I re-read this message.



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