View Full Version : Reversing references: interim summary

Will Hopkins
02-23-1995, 06:10 PM
I asked for an application that would convert references in a variety of
normal journal-type formats into something Endnote or similar biblio
application could pick up. Macintosh preferably. So far I'm still
following leads.

Papyrus, Biblio-link, Endnote v.2 (with its Endlink), Reference Manager,
and Refwriter may do the job, according to various people. I've yet to get
any of these to see.

Jeprs and Reference Manager don't seem to be able to do it, from the
descriptions I've seen.

Thanks to all those who replied, and to those who expressed an interest in
the outcome. Meanwhile any further advice would be welcome. I'll post
again when I have success.

Will G Hopkins PhD
Physiology and Physical Education
University of Otago, Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND