View Full Version : Research Associate - Virginia Tech - Center for Injury Biomechanics / Helmet Lab

05-17-2018, 11:21 AM
We are looking to hire a person with a PhD in biomechanics to help our helmet lab research program. The job posting is linked here, please share with anyone you think might be interested:


The Center for Injury Biomechanics is seeking a Research Associate to work in the Helmet Lab carrying out three primary responsibilities. First, aid in the development of research proposals in search of external funding, as well as business models and best practices for research development and growth of the lab. This includes benchmark activities from external entities and development of research business models for sustained growth. Second, perform helmet testing as part of the Virginia Tech helmet ratings program, including purchasing helmets and sensors from vendors across the United States as well as identifying and communicating with global helmet suppliers. The selected candidate will be responsible for performing biomechanical impact tests on the helmets and sensors; creating the test system and using custom instrumentation and software to analyze the impact data; accurately assembling the surrogate head form and neck assembly with proper placement of the accelerometers and rotational sensors at the center of gravity of the head form and accurately performing the tests by operating the impact equipment that consists of pneumatic and mechanical energy systems. Lastly, this person will be responsible for the coordination of our helmet testing lab outreach efforts aimed at K-12 individuals. This project involves the scheduling of tours, providing and presenting at tours and traveling to regional and countrywide events in order to present helmet lab testing materials. Moreover, the selected candidate will be responsible for coordinating and recruiting under-represented minorities to Virginia Tech, organizing science fair projects with individuals around the country and world and testing science fair projects as well as explaining and teaching the students about the basic principles of the tests.