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A. Messaros
02-25-1995, 03:06 AM

NeuroMus - Forum on Neuromuscular Aspects of Motor Performance

The Neurology Section of the American Physical Therapy Association announces
NeuroMus, a research-oriented forum to discuss issues/questions related to
the neuromuscular control of motor performance. NeuroMus is also initiating
an extensive electronic library of files related to funding sources, topical
bibliographies, instrumentation/software, and other Internet/BITNET resources
related to research. Since the list is very new, we're asking your patience
while the library is compiled the next few months.

To subscribe, send the following:
To: listserv@sjuvm.stjohns.edu
Message: subscribe neuromus yourfirstname yourlastname
Do not include anything else in the message (ie. "hi, thanks," etc).

Those having ideas for useful information to place in the NeuroMus
library, including self-written computer programs, bibliographies, or
short papers on some aspect of research should contact Andy Messaros

- Andy Messaros, MA, PT (University of Iowa)
- Roger Enoka, PhD (Cleveland Clinic Foundation)
NeuroMus List Coordinators