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Charles Layne
02-26-1995, 05:46 AM
The Motor Performance Laboratory at Johnson Space Center is anticipating an
opening for a full time research assistant. The candidate should hold a
Masters degree in either Biomechanics, Movement Science or Bioengineering.
Two years of experience working in a biomechanics laboratory is desired but
not mandatory. The position will require the ability to efficiently
collect and analyze a variety of kinematic measures including force plate,
accelerometer, and segmental motions. The ability to operate in both the
Macintosh and PC environment is required and programming skills highly
desired. The candidate should be familiar with conducting human research
during a variety of movement tasks. Preference will be given to candidates
with experience in working on postural control and locomotion projects. A
demonstrable understanding of basic physiological concepts is required.
Experience working with the collection and analysis of electromyography is

The research assistant will work for KRUG Life Sciences in the Motor
Performance Laboratory collecting and analyzing kinematic data from
projects designed to understand both dynamic and static postural control
problems and develop appropriate countermeasures. The candidate will be
involved in both in-flight and ground-based projects and must be willing
and physically capable to travel to support data collection at Shuttle
landing sites. The candidate should be a highly motivated individual
capable of exceptional performance in nonsurpervised situations and should
be able to work comfortably as a part of a team within a small laboratory.

Please submitt a cover letter and a vitae to: June Richmond, Personnel
Department, KRUG Life Sciences, 1290 Hercules, Houston, Texas, 77058

Charles S. Layne KRUG Life Sciences
Motor Performance Lab 1290 Hercules suite 120
NASA/Johnson Space Center Houston, TX 77058
Mail Code SD4 (713) 483-6357