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Ton Van Den Bogert
02-28-1995, 06:25 AM
Dear subscribers,

The Biomch-L Yellow Pages file has been updated again. The last
contribution was from Scott Barnes of Bertec
corporation. It is good to see that more and more equipment
vendors are using E-mail now. Let's use that opportunity to
communicate more effectively, to get good deals and good quality.

This file is the proper way to advertise products and services
through Biomch-L, so please send your contributions,
modifications etc. to bogert@acs.ucalgary.ca.

To receive a copy of the file, send the request


to LISTSERV@nic.surfnet.nl. Table of contents:

2. Kistler Switzerland (force, pressure, acceleration transducers)
3. Sensinova (movement analysis software, consulting)
4. Peak Performance (video movement analysis systems)
5. Ariel Dynamics (video movement analysis systems)
6. Musculographics (modeling & animation software)
7. Kistler USA (force, pressure, acceleration transducers)
8. OsteoKinetics (movement analysis software, inertial properties)
9. CFTC (clinical gait analysis network)
10. B & L Engineering (VICON motion measurement, EMG measurement)
11. AMTI (force platforms, load cells)
12. Innovision Systems (MacReflex & Selspot motion measurement, Noraxon EMG)
13. QUALISYS (MacReflex motion measurement system)
14. Northern Digital (OPTOTRAK, WATSMART motion measurement systems)
15. Avalon Technol. (material test machines, wheelchair instrumentation)
16. Bertec (force platforms, load cells)

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator