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Rebecca A. States
04-02-1995, 05:20 AM
Dear Netters,

My comments refer to reference requests, etiquette for sending and
summarizing replies, use of indexing facilities for job postings,
employment requests and conference information, and keeping the list
open to all.

I generally enjoy the reference requests and replies, though I do
appreciate good editing. Perhpas some people hestitate in editing
others' replies in order to avoid mis-stating or taking out of
context another person's remarks. I suggest that, as a group, we
agree that replies should be edited for a summary, especially when
the replies give a simple lists of references or end up being redun-

I have also wondered why so many replies to a query are sent to the
list rather than to the person asking the question. Many times, it
would be more efficient to send replies to the author. The author
would of course, be obliged to post a faithful (though perhaps, edited)

Next, I suggest making better use of the indexing facilities.
Just as there is an index of commercial vendors, there could be
an index of job postings and of people seeking positions. Both
should probably be kept in the index for a limited amount of time,
perhaps six months. Likewise, it would be nice to have an index
of information about conferences and meetings. For each of these
indices, when new information is posted, a BRIEF summary of that
info. could appear on the main list. I do get tired of paging
through long conference applications to get to the next message on
my digest.

And, please, keep the list open to all! None of us is wise enough
to predict who will come up with the next brilliant idea. :)

regards to all,

Becky States

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whole-heartedly support the idea of putting job postings
and requests for employment in a separate section of the list.