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K A Manley
04-03-1995, 04:17 AM
This is probably the only time I will ever post to this group, but
this discussion over quality of list postings prompts me to put in my
two-cents worth. I am a physical anthropologist interested in the
evolution of human bipedal locomotion. I am not an 'expert' in
biomechanics, by any stretch of the imagination. Most messages are
way over my head, but I do like to keep tabs on what's going on that
is pertinent to my interests (I guess I'm a bit of a voyeur where this
listserve is concerned). I would second the votes of all those who
are not in favor of splitting the list; I think the list benefits
from being accesible to all (and again, who's going to decide who's
'student' and who's 'expert' and where do I end up?)

As to the requests for literature which seem to be the main
irritating factor in all this, I heartily appreciate the lists of
repsonses and references. Not everyone has access to libraries with
all the relevant (and some not so relevant) journals. And not
everyone (and their library) has access to all the stuff on the
internet. Just because they have e-mail, doesn't necessarily mean
they can access everything else. (And even if they can, have you
ever tried looking up a specific small, but important to you,
topic on those word search things? I have wasted much time
trying to find the exact arcane formulae of words that would
unlock the floodgate of references) Yes, literature requests should
be made only after some effort has been put into looking yourself.
But oftentimes that doesn't turn up much.

Anyway, I've run on too long about this. But as one whose use of
this service is potentially in jeopardy, I wanted to comment while I
had the chance.

Katie Manley-Buser
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North Carolina State University
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