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Liek Voorbij
04-03-1995, 06:15 PM
To whom it may concern,

A few week ago I posted a question on the list about comparing static and
dynamic strength, using iso-inertial force measurements. I received only 1
reaction but that one was very usefull to me. Greg Wilson informed me about
some articles he wrote about the subject:

1. Murphy, A.J., Wilson, G.J. and Pryor, J.F. (1994): The use of the
isoinertial force mass realtionship inthe prediction of dynamic human
performance. European Journal of Applied physiology 69(3): 250-257.

2. Pryor, J.F., Wilson, G.J. and Murphy, A.J. (1994): The effectiveness of
eccentric, concentric and isometric rate of force development tests. Journal
of Human Movement Studies. 27: 153-172.

3. Baker, D., Wilson, G. and Carlyon, B. (1994): Generality versus
specificity: A comparison of Dynamic and isometric measures f strength and
speed-strength. European Journal of Applied Physiology 68(4): 350-355.

Because I believe there is not much research done on the subject I post this
reaction so everybody, who is interested in the subject, could benefit from

Liek Voorbij
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