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Stephen Haake
04-04-1995, 10:56 PM
Dear Subscribers,

For those of you interested in how the one day meeting on The
Physics of Sport went I have enclosed a short report below (originally
written for a newsletter).

" The Physics of Sport was organised by Dr Steve Haake of the
University of Sheffield and was one of the meetings at The Institute of
Physics Annual Congress held between 27th and 30th march.
The Physics of Sport was well attended with about 80 delegates
present in the main sessions. The plenary session for the day was chosen
from this meeting (from a choice of 7 different meetings) and was given by
Dr Rabi Mehta of Stanford University and NASA Ames Research Centre on 'The
aerodynamics of a cricket ball'. The presentation was very well received
and attracted about 300 with standing room only at the back!
The Physics of Sport as a whole attracted a lot of media attention
resulting in an article in The Times and a slot on BBC Radio."

A conference on 'The Engineering of Sport' will probably be held in
September 1996. I will post more details as they become available during
the summer. In the meantime please find below a flyer that I had available
at The Physics of Sport which you could fill in if you are interested. (If
you have already contacted me I have you on file).

Thank you for your attention.

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The Engineering of Sport
3 Day Conference

In the UK and around the world there are Engineers and Physicists
carrying out research into sport and leisure. Quite often the work is on
equipment, interactions between the equipment and the user and between the
user and the sports surface. The published work often falls between
conventional scientific Journals and biomechanics Journals. This major
conference is intended to bridge this gap and will be a collaboration of
major Institutions in the UK including the IMechE, IOP and the BES.
All sports and leisure interests will be considered and the subject
areas will include the following.

Sports and leisure equipment,
Impact dynamics,

Playing quality of sports surfaces.

Many other topics will be considered and it is intended that the
proceedings will be published. If you would like more details then please

Dr S. J. Haake,
Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering,
The University of Sheffield, Mappin Street, Sheffield S1 3JD.
Tel. (0114) 282 5415
Fax. (0114) 275 3671
email: S.J.Haake@sheffield.ac.uk

Please send me more details on The Engineering of Sport 3 day conference.



Research interests

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Many thanks,

Dr Steve Haake,
Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering,
The University of Sheffield,
Mappin Street,
PO BOX 600,
S1 4DU,
United Kingdom.