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Christian Högfors
04-04-1995, 11:17 PM
>Unfortunately, no-one has defined it
was a recent statement in our quality dicussion.According to present
technical and commercial vernacular, quality means:
"extent of fulfillment of expectations".
It is thus a qualitative measure, that may be turned quantitative whenever
the expectations can be identified and and given weights, provided the
outcome can be similarly assessed. In short: quality is not a quality. It
is a measure.
Maybe the ongoing discussion will give a picture of our expectations.

The quality of a university may in principle be handled the same way. You
identify all expectations (the goal) and formulate them in such a way, that
the degree of fulfilment can be objectively assessed.In a changing society,
the goal is of course time dependent. It might be a difficult task to
formulate university goals, but that is not the worst. Worse is that nobody
in these quality committees even tries.

The list discussion stands a better chance.


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