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Howard L. Funk
04-05-1995, 01:36 AM
Please address all inquiries about this conference to the
Engineering Foundation (engfnd@aol.com) and not to this forum.
General Announcement
Call for Papers/Posters

Science and Technology

21-26 July 1996
Nashville, Tennessee

Chair: Ales Prokop
Department of Chemical Engineering
Vanderbilt University - Nashville, TN 37235
Phone: 615-343-7213; Fax: 615-343-7951
E-mail: ales@vuse.vanderbilt.edu

David J. Hunkeler, Chemical & Materials Engineering, Vanderbilt University
Alan D. Cherrington, Molecular Physiology & Biophysics, Vanderbilt University

The Engineering Foundation is sponsoring a conference on Bioartificial Organs
which will be held at the Holiday Inn Brentwood (Nashville), Tennessee from
21-26 July 1996. The conference will make use of a truly interdisciplinary
approach: chemistry, physical chemistry, materials science, polymer chemistry
& characterization, cell culture, recombinant DNA technology, bioprocess
engineering, and clinical sciences.

Specifically, it will bring together three groups of professionals who do
not normally interact at a single meeting:
(1) materials and polymer scientists;
(2) bioprocess engineers, and
(3) medical professionals

The emphasis will be at the cross-section of these three disciplines.
Representatives of each category will be invited to present keynote addresses
in two plenary sessions. The main coverage will be in the pancreas and
liver, skin and bone areas. Neural and thyroid applications will also be
addressed to a lesser extent. The program will stress polymer and cellular
(science) fundamentals, evolve into applications and review the clinical status
in each area. An attempt will be made to have approximately 40/30/30
percentage split among the above categories. In addition, it is expected that
the participants will come from academia, industry and clinical institutions
on approximately even basis.

Members of the Advisory/Organizing Committee are Todd Giorgio (Vanderbilt),
Milton Harris (Shearwater Polymers, AL), Jeffrey Hubbell (Caltech),
Robert Langer (MIT), Allen Laskin (Engineering Foundation), Kenneh Luskey
(Metabolix, MA), Alvin C. Powers (Vanderbilt), Harold Reisman
(Organogenesis, MA), Vladimir Stoy (S.K.Y. Labs, NJ),
Anthony Sun (University of Toronto) and Taylor Wang (Vanderbilt University).

Persons wishing to attend this conference must submit an application in
order to (1) receive further mailings and (2) to submit a topic for
consideration through a 100-200 word abstract. Please follow the format
noted on the reverse side of the application. The deadline for receipt of
the abstract is November 15, 1995. Abstracts may be faxed or sent by e-mail
to the conference chair, Dr. Ales Prokop, or sent to the Engineering
Foundation with the application.

All presentations must be in English and all presenters must be free and
willing to participate in open discussions of the work they present.
Authors whose abstracts are accepted will be asked to submit both their
abstract and manuscript in printed and electronic form. Details will be
provided later.

In addition to the opening lecture on Sunday night on "Scientific and
Regulatory Issues of Bioartificial Organs" (by Kiki Hellman, Food and Drug
Administration), posters (in a two-day block) and workshops during afternoons, the Conference will include tec
hnical sessions on the following topics (only keynote speakers are listed):

* Plenary Session I: Chemistry and Engineering of Biopolymers
Session Chairs: Jeffrey Hubbell (CalTech) & Taylor Wang (Vanderbilt)
Speakers: Thomas M.S. Chang (McGill University),
Michael Sefton (University of Toronto), Ioannis V.Yannis (MIT), and
Jeffrey Hubbell (CalTech)

* Synthesis of Biomaterials and Their Modification
Session Chairs: Milton Harris (Shearwater Polymers) &
Williams Stevenson (Wichita State University)
Speaker: Harry Robert Allcock (Penn State)

* Physico-Chemical and Mechanical Characterization of Biomaterials
Session Chairs: Buddy Ratner (University of Washington) &
David Hunkeler (Vanderbilt)
Speaker: A.S. Hoffman (University of Washington)

* Structure-Function Relationships in Biomaterials
Session Chairs: Waleed Shalaby (US Surgical) & Karel Ulbrich
(Czech Academy of Sciences)
Speaker: Dan Urry (University of Alabama)

* Plenary Session II: Medicine and Biomaterials
Session Chairs: Alan Cherrington (Vanderbilt) & Clark Colton (MIT)
Speakers: Lola Reid (University of North Carolina), Blanka Rihova
(Czech Academy of Sciences), David W.Scharp (Washington University),
Patrick Aebisher (University of Lausanne), and Clark K. Colton (MIT)

* Bioartificial Pancreas (BAP): Implants
Session Chairs: Robert Lanza (BioHybrid Technologies) &
Alvin Powers (Vanderbilt University)
Speaker: Tobias Zekoth (University of Giessen-Germany)

* Bioartificial Liver (BAL): Implants and Extracorporeal Cellular
Session Chairs: Todd Giorgio (Vanderbilt University) &
Wei-Shou Hu (University of Minnesota)
Speaker: Achilles Demetriou (UCLA)

* Bioartificial Skin and Bone: Repair, Wound Healing and Bone
Session Chairs: Harold Reisman (Organogenesis) & Michael Caldwell
(University of Minnesota)
Speaker: Hari Reddi (Johns Hopkins)

* Bioartificial Organs: Other Applications
Session Chairs: Michael J. Lysaght (Brown) & Ales Prokop (Vanderbilt)
Speaker: Anthony Sun (University of Toronto)

All papers presented at the Conference will be peer reviewed and published
as a separate volume in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.
All the speakers are requested to bring their manuscripts to the Conference.
Poster-presenters will have an option to submit an extended abstract for
inclusion in the proceedings.

Engineering Foundation Conferences were established in 1962 to provide an
opportunity for the exploration of problems and issues of concern to
engineering from many disciplines. Informal in nature, the format of the
conference provides morning and evening sessions in which major presentations
are made. Available time is included during the afternoons for participants
to relax or hold interest-group meetings of their own. This format is
designed to enhance rapport a on the developments of the meeting. It is the
objective of the organizers to promote the exchange of ideas between all
participants, both industrial and academic.

Nashville (Music City) has a great deal to offer visitors. Besides Opryland,
Music Row, the Country Music Hall of Fame, there's also Andrew Jackson's
famous home, The Hermitage; Travellers Rest, a century-old rest stop for
early pioneers and settlers; historic plantations including Belle Meade
Plantation, the nation's first thoroughbred horse farm, Civil War battle sites, the Nashville Zoo and Grassmere Wildlife Park. Nashville's international airport provides easy access
that of London.

The Holiday Inn of Brentwood is located in the southern part of the city,
just off I-65, only 8 miles from downtown Nashville. It is 12 miles from
the airport and 15 miles from Opryland. The hotel provides complimentary
transportation to and from the airport. The hotel also provides many
complimentary services such as outdoor pool, whirlpool, sauna, exercise room, hair dryers, coffee makers, and phone/fax/computer access in every room, and an in-house car rental agency.
also on the premises. For golfers, the famed Legends Club is nearby.

The conference fees are all inclusive. They include registration,
accommodations and all meals from dinner on Sunday through lunch on Friday,
and a copy of the Proceedings. The fees are tentatively set at:

Participant (single occupancy or sharing room with guest) $1245.00
Participant (sharing room with another participant) $ 995.00
Guest (meals & lodging - sharing room with participant) $ 325.00
Graduate Student (with letter from department head) $ 705.00

Attendance at this conference will be limited. If you wish an invitation,
please return the attached application/pre-registration form. Members of
the Organizing Committee and invited speakers are requested to complete and
return the form (noting pre-registration).

For further information, please contact
345 East 47th Street
New York, NY 10017
212-705-7836 - Fax: 212-705-7441 - E-mail: engfnd@aol.com

Engineering Foundation Conferences
345 East 47th Street New York, NY 10017
Fax: 212-705-7441 - E-mail: engfnd@aol.com

Science and Technology
21-26 July 1996
Nashville, Tennessee

1. Please indicate your primary field:
___ Engineering; ___ Polymer & Materials;
___ Medical

2. Please indicate your current employment:
___ Academia; ___ Clinical
___ Industry; ___ Graduate Student

3. Years experience in this field _____

4. ___ I am submitting an abstract for a contributed paper/poster

It (a) _____ is included
(b) _____ has been sent to the conference chair

5. If invited, I
(a) ____ almost certainly will attend
(b) ____ probably will attend
(c) ____ probably won't attend but want to be kept informed

PRE-REGISTRATION (limited to invited speakers and members of the Organizing

___ I am a member of the Organizing Committee

___ I am an invited speaker or session chair

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Phone, Fax and E-mail

Please submit your abstract in this format as it will be reproduced directly. As editing will not be possible, authors are responsible for correct content and format.

The abstract should contain approximately 100-200 words. In no circumstances
may the abstract exceed one page. Please use a typeface which is easily
read and leave a one inch margin on all sides.

If there is more than one author, the name of the presenter should be

Abstracts may be mailed, faxed or sent by e-mail to the conference chair:
Dr. Ales Prokop
Department of Chemical Engineering
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37235
Phone: 615-343-7213; Fax: 615-343-7951
E-mail: ales@vuse.vanderbilt.edu