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Sheu-jane Shieh
04-06-1995, 02:20 AM
Dear Colleague:

This is an announcement for the 5th Symposium on Injury
Prevention Through Biomechanics, sponsored by Wayne State
University and supported in part by the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention. The symposium will be held on May 4-
5, 1995 in the auditorium of Hutzel Hospital in Detroit,
Michigan. We are expecting participants from governmental
agencies, the automotive industry and academic institutions.
A keynote lecture will be given by Dr. John Melvin of
General Motors on "Injury Prevention in High Energy Racing
Crashes." The entire program for the two days is included
For accommodations, a block of rooms is being held at
the St. Regis Hotel, located in the New Center Area. Please
make reservations by calling the hotel directly at (313) 873-
3000 and mention your participation in the Injury Prevention
Through Biomechanics Symposium. The rate is $69 for single
or double occupancy.
The registration fee of $40 covers lunch and parking or
shuttle service for both days and the cost of one copy of
the proceedings. An optional dinner will be held at Lelli's
on Woodward Avenue, just north of Grand Boulevard. The cost
of the dinner is $25. During this dinner, you will have an
opportunity to speak with the authors to discuss your
interests. There will be a cash bar at the restaurant.
For more information or to receive a registration form,
please call Dr. Sheu-Jane Shieh at 313 577-3852 or send e-mail
to shieh@rrb.eng.wayne.edu. Please register by April 24.

Fifth Injury Prevention Through Biomechanics Symposium

Sponsored by Wayne State University
Supported in part by the Centers for Disease Control

Time: Thursday, May 4th and Friday, May 5th, 1995
Place: Hutzel Hospital Auditorium, Detroit Medical Center

Thursday, May 4th

7:30-8:15 Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:15 Introductory Remarks

8:30 Keynote Lecture
Injury Prevention in High Energy Racing Crashes
John Melvin
General Motors Research and Development Center,
Department of Automotive Safety and Health

Postural Control and Lower Extremity Injury

9:00 Spectral Characteristics of Postural Control in High
and Low Risk Elderly
Harriet Williams, Bruce A. McClenaghan,
John Dickerson
Motor Rehabilitation Laboratory, Dept. of Exercise
Science, University of South Carolina

9:30 Biomechanics of Gait on Ramps in Young and Elderly
Mark S. Redfern and James DiPasquale
Human Movement and Balance Laboratory,
University of Pittsburgh
a. Department of Otolaryngology
b. Department of Industrial Engineering

10:00 Break

10:30 Reduction of Fall Related Peak Impact Force on the
Femur Using a Dual Stiffness Floor
Askari Badre-Alam, Joseph A. Casalena,
Timothy C. Ovaert, Donald A. Streit,
Peter R. Cavanagh
The Department of Mechanical Engineering and the
Center for Locomotion Studies
Pennsylvania State University

11:00 Tissue Injuries Resulting from Blunt Impact
on the Knee
Roger C. Haut
Department of Materials Science and Mechanics,
Michigan State University

11:30 Measurement of Structural and Material Properties
of Skeletal Muscle
Chris A. Van Ee, C. Todd Woolley, Tom M. Best,
Barry S. Myers
Department of Biomedical Engineering and Division
of Orthopaedic Surgery, Duke University

12:00-1:00 Lunch at Hutzel Hospital

Impact Biomechanics in Automotive Safety

1:00 Application of Biomechanics Research to Improve
Triage Criteria for Motor Vehicle Crash Victims
Jeffrey Augenstein, Kennerly H. Digges,
Elana Perdeck, A.C. Maliarisc
William Lehman Research Center, University
of Miami, The George Washington University,
De Blois Associates

1:30 A Comparison of the Biomechanical Response of SID,
BIOSID and Cadavers in Side Impact
John M. Cavanaugh, Timothy Walilko, Jackoo Chung,
Albert I. King
Bioengineering Center, Wayne State University

2:00 Response of the Lumbar Spine Due to Shear Loading
Peter Cripton, Uli Berleman, Heiko Visarius,
Paul Begeman, Lutz Nolte, Priya Prasadc
Mueller Institute of Biomechanics,
University of Bern, Switzerland
Bioengineering Center, Wayne State University
Advanced Engineering Center, Ford Motor Company

2:30 Break

Mathematical Models of Human Tissue

3:00 The Development of A Finite Element Human
Thoracic Model
Kevin Wang, King Hay Yang
Bioengineering Center, Wayne State University

3:30 Side Impact Responses of the Human Brain by
Finite Element Analysis
Chun Zhou, Tawfik B. Khalil, Albert I. King
Bioengineering Center, Wayne State University

4:00 Cerebral Contusion: Development and Characterization
of a New Experimental Model
D.I. Shreiber, D.T.Ross, S. Margulies, L. Thibault,
D.F. Meaney
Department of Bioengineering, University of

4:30 Adjourn

5:00 Wine and Cheese Reception at Bioengineering Center

6:30 Dinner at Lelli's Restaurant (optional)

Friday, May 5th

8:30-9:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast

Cervical Spine Injury and Response

9:00 Cervical Spinal Bony Injury and the Potential for
Cord Injury
Frank A. Pintar, Narayan Yoganandan,
Dennis J. Maiman, Anthony Sances, Jr.
Department of Neurosurgery, Medical College of

9:30 Finite Element Analysis of the Cervical Spine
Narayan Yoganandan, Liming Voo
Frank A. Pintar
Department of Neurosurgery, Medical College
of Wisconsin

10:00 Break

10:30 Spinal Canal Geometry Changes During Vertebral
Fracture in the Cervical Spine:
Burst and Anterior Wedge Compression Fractures
J. Carter, R. P. Ching, A. F. Tencer
Harborview Biomechanics Laboratory,
University of Washington, Seattle

11:00 The Effect of Post-Injury Spinal Positioning on
the Canal Occlusion for Burst Fractures:
An In Vitro Study
N. A. Watson, R. P. Ching, A. F. Tencer
Harborview Biomechanics Laboratory,
University of Washington, Seattle

11:30 Adjourn

12:00-1:30 Workshop and Lunch for CDC Grantees