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Peak Performance Tech.
04-07-1995, 06:23 AM
To all interested BIOMCH-L parties:

During the past months there have been several messages from Peak users
regarding the Panasonic AG-7300 series VCRs. The subject of these messages is
centered around how worn parts in the VCR's tape transport system affect the
Peak software. The tape transport is the mechanical device that threads the
videotape into the VCR and across the video drum head. After prolonged use,
many parts of the tape transport system will begin to wear. Specifically, tape
rollers, guides and capstans. These parts must be replaced when they become
worn or tape stretch, tape edge curl as well as other malfunctions may occur.
The Peak software makes use of the Panasonic AG-7300 series VCR's editing
features to position the video tape. The VCR is designed for this type of use
and is well within the performance specifications of the deck.

We have been working with Panasonic engineers to compile a set of VCR
maintenance and care guidelines that will help users better understand how Peak
uses the VCR, and, more specifically, information on how to keep the VCR in top
working order and what to tell service technicians when having the VCR serviced.
If anyone would like to have a copy of this guide they can contact Peak directly
and we would be happy to send it to them.

Steve Risenhoover

Systems Engineering Manager
Peak Performance Technologies, Inc.
7388 South Revere Parkway, Suite 601
Englewood, Colorado 80112 USA
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