View Full Version : Ankle fractures in snowboarding: injury mechanisms

David Yun
04-10-1995, 05:40 AM
I am currently investigating the injury mechanisms causing ankle fractures
in snowboarders. Especially of interest is the fracture of the lateral
process of the talus since it is fairly rare outside of snowboarding (may
also be rare IN snowboarding - conflicting sources).

Most references state that the mechanism of injury is inversion coupled
with severe dorsiflexion. However, I'm having trouble visualizing how this
would cause a fracture since inversion would relieve any compressive forces
on the lateral process, correct?.

Also, there are no ligaments attached to the lateral process which might
cause a rupture (although the talo-calcaneal is close).

Published literature in this area is scarce so any information or leads
concerning the mechanism of injury for snowboarding ankle fractures
(lateral malleolis as well as talus) would be greatly appreciated.

David Yun
Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group
University of California, Davis