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Peter Hamer
04-10-1995, 11:44 AM
Thanks Mitchell for your comments and of course here in Western Australia
we don't get too many acute ACl injuries from snow-skiing and ice-hockey
but even then we may also need to consider the relative movements of the
limb segments to determine which moves which way and where are the
external forces applied causing the ACL to be stressed and result in

Just to stress my point even when we consider the range of "pivot shift
tests" we do need to consider that although we read that the lateral tibial
plateau subluxes on the femur if we have the tibia held for example in
the Macintosh Pivot Shift Test then is it not the femur that moves on the
tibia. I think we do really need to think about why the cruciates (ACL
and the largely forgotten PCL) are there in the middle of the joint,
oriented the way that they are and how they function as a synergistic
pair that provides the very intersting mechanics that we have during knee

Think Femur on tibia!!


Peter H.

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