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Murphy Norman
04-13-1995, 03:23 AM
Dear Netters,

In reply to my posting regarding tibia bone stress/vibration studies, you
will find a summary of the replies received.

Specifically, this summary consists of a list of articles which
is then followed by recent abstracts as well as comments, references and
individuals to contact for more information.

Special thanks to all (many) of you replying to my posting.

Finally, I would like to mention that my "last resource" email positng to
obtain information (papers, non-refereed abstract publications and
unpublished information) resulted in a large demande of Netters replying
to the posting and wanting a summary.




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There has been research done with regard to vibration effects on
arthritis and DJD. Look at some of the arthritis journals for some
overlapping information.

Regarding tibial vibration, much of this work has been done by Arkady
Voloshin who is in Mechanicl Engineering at Hershey, or Arield Simkin at
the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Also, you could contact King Yang in
Mechanical engieering at Wayne State University.

Strain was monitored in vivo in humans at a stress fracture site for
Israeli soldiers. The initial report of this experiment can be found in
the Trans. of the Orthopedic Research Society, vol. 20 1995 (Human in
vivo tibial strains during vigorous activit y, Burr et al.).

Strain was also monitored in vivo in a rabbit stress fracture model
(model described in JBJS 72B:370-375, Burr et al.)

Some work is being done regarding bone sound conduction velocities in
Tim Lawes

Finally, you may want to contact:

David Burr
Indiana University
Dept Anatomy
He recently reported on "human in vivo tibial strains during vigorous
activity" at the ORS meeting - this involved starin gaging his own and
1-2 others' tibias.

Prof. Dr. Stuessi
Biomechanics Laboratory
Wagistrasse 4
CH-8952 Schlieren
Fax: +41 1 731 07 89
e-mail: biomecha@czeth5a

Mitch Schaffler
D.B. Burr
C. Milgrom
They have been working on tibial stress fractures and have published an
abstract at the ORS meeting on Feb 13-16 1995: pp202-34.