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unknown user
04-20-1995, 11:11 PM
Hi Eyeryone!

I have been working with a canine model for the development of knee
osteoarthritis and have found that in these dogs, which have cut
anterior cruciate ligaments and have been subject to ipsilateral
limb deafferentation, the knee is hyperextended at touchdown. I
would lkie to apply a brace to these dogs that would prevent them
from hyperextending this joint to see if this reduces the rate
they develop osteoarthritis, which is very rapid (within 3

Does anyone have any experience with some type of knee brace for
dogs that might accomplish this? Or has anyone tried something
like this and found it not to work, i.e, it is possible that the
animals will not use the limb if such a brace is applied.

Joel A. Vilensky
Indiana University - Fort Wayne

Thank you.