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Ton Van Den Bogert
04-24-1995, 03:48 AM
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Following this message you find the latest contribution to the
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-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator

19. Noldus Information Technology, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Noldus Information Technology develops software and instrumentation
for recording and analyzing the behavior of humans and animals. The
product range includes:

Integrated Systems
* Observational Research Kits - Mobile collection and analysis of
behavioral data.
* Video Tape Analysis System - Coding, editing and analyzing
behavioral data from video tape.
* EthoVision - Automatic recording of activity, movement and social
interactions of animals. For automation of routine behavioral
* SIGNAL Sound Analysis System - Acquisition, editing, spectral
analysis and graphical display of acoustical and vibrational

* The Observer - Recording and analyzing series of events. For live
registration by a human observer, using a desktop or hand-held
* MatMan - Analysis of sociometric matrices and behavioral
transition matrices.

* Audio/video equipment - Video cameras, monitors, VCRs, audio
recorders, microphones, etc.
* Computer hardware - PCs, notebooks, hand-held computers, etc.

Noldus Information Technology b.v.
Costerweg 5
P.O. Box 268
6700 AG Wageningen
The Netherlands

Phone: 31-8370-97677
Fax: 31-8370-24496
E-mail: info@noldus.nl


2. Kistler Switzerland (force, pressure, acceleration transducers)
3. Sensinova (movement analysis software, consulting)
4. Peak Performance (video movement analysis systems)
5. Ariel Dynamics (video movement analysis systems)
6. Musculographics (modeling & animation software)
7. Kistler USA (force, pressure, acceleration transducers)
8. OsteoKinetics (movement analysis software, inertial properties)
9. CFTC (clinical gait analysis network)
10. B & L Engineering (VICON motion measurement, EMG measurement)
11. AMTI (force platforms, load cells)
12. Innovision Systems (MacReflex & Selspot motion measurement, Noraxon EMG)
13. QUALISYS (MacReflex motion measurement system)
14. Northern Digital (OPTOTRAK, WATSMART motion measurement systems)
15. Avalon Technol. (material test machines, wheelchair instrumentation)
16. Bertec (force platforms, load cells)
17. Exeter Research (shoe & surface testing; equipment and consulting)
18. Chalmers Univ. (shoulder biomechanics software)
19. Noldus Inf. Sys. (systems for behavioral data recording and analysis)

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