View Full Version : plyometric studies

Matt Brzycki
04-25-1995, 05:16 AM
I was wondering if anyone knows of any studies involving plyometrics (e.g.,
depth jumps, drop push-ups) or plyometric-related activities that have
explored (a) their productivity -- either alone or compared to other forms
of training -- and/or (b) their potential for injury.

As a practioner of strength and conditioning activities, I'd also be
interested in hearing professional opinions and logical conclusions from
those in the biomechanics field as to the above (i.e., do plyometrics work
and are they safe?). In other words, can the neurological system -- or
more specifically, the so-called "stretch reflex" -- be "trained" to
become more efficient and are plyometrics safe from a biomechanical view?
I understand that anecdotal evidence is a far cry from scientific research,
but I'd also be interested to hear any anecdotes from someone who may have
used them to train others or to train themselves.

I apologize to the list if this message is unscientific -- I'm simply a
practitioner in the field of strength and conditioning trying to
interpret what the scientific community says about plyometrics.

Matt Brzycki
Coordinator of Health Fitness, Strength and Conditioning Programs
Princeton University