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Hsiang-simon Mong
04-25-1995, 09:16 PM
An immediate vacancy exists for a doctorally-qualified biomechanic
analyst to join the Liberty Mutual Research Center for Safety and
Health. The ideal candidate will have a broad biomechanical capability
and skills that can be applied to the investigation of the mechanics of
the upper extremities (CTD), the lower back (LBP), and the lower
extremities (Gait analysis). The successful candidate will be a part of
a major effort, based upon a multidisciplinary, team approach to
problems of workplace safety and health.

Liberty Mutual is committed to preventing losses by reducing and
treating workplace injuries and illnesses. We take that commitment
further by publishing our findings in the international peer-reviewed
scientific literature and thus make a contribution to the safety and
health of all American workplaces.

Research domains include:
occupational safety
automotive/vehicular safety
slips and falls
musculoskeletal disorders

The Research Center is located on 80+ acres of woodland 25 miles west of
Boston, Massachusetts.

Send curriculum vitae to:

Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
Research Center for Safety & Health
71 Frankland Road
Hopkinton, MA 01748
Attention: Stover Snook, Ph.D.
Phone 508 435-9061
Fax 508 435-8136

An Equal Opportunity Employer